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MB-4 Wall Mounts


Line Holders for Trimmer Line


    • MB-4 Wall Mount Instructions

MSRP - $ 59.95

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Our MB-4 is an accessory product that can be used to mount any open trailer TrimmerTrap rack to the inside of an enclosed trailer or truck.


NOTE: Using the MB-4 Wall Mounts with the TT-2 PRO-4 will require modification from the end user. This includes grinding down the MB-4 to fit inside the TT-2 PRO-4 channel.


MB-4 Description

    • 3/16" x 3" Material.
    • 3/8" Hole on 2" Centers.
    • 1 3/4" Leg Length.
    • 7" Overall Length (Between Offsets).


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