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The TC-3 Tire Cage will help prevent costly damage to all of your equipment by preventing push mowers, edgers, spreaders, vacuums, blowers, and other light weight equipment from rolling around during transit. Simply install a cage onto the stand and tighten in place. A unique modular design provides the versatility to quickly interchange three different size cages.


When not in use you can remove the cages from their stands and store them on another stand where they are out of the way, yet easily accessible. Vertical adjustment allows you to raise or lower the cages for an exact fit on various diameter tires. When in this position, a padlock installed just above the cage will help deter theft. An optional "quick pull pin" provides super fast adjustments to predetermined settings.


    • Quick, easy installation. Just two bolts through the trailer or truck floor.
    • Easy to remove cage prevents damage and frees up floor space when not being used.
    • Extremely fast changeover. Simply slide one size cage off, and another on.
    • Optional pull pin for "pre-set" quick adjustments.
    • Inexpensive stands can be mounted at various locations remaining "out of the way", yet ready to accept a cage when needed.
    • Order an extra 8 inch or 12 inch stand to store cages where they are out of the way, yet easily accessible.
    • Heavy Duty construction and plated finish for years of service.


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For super fast adjustments, purchase the optional pull pin. Drill a hole in the stand at the desired height(s) to use. A padlock installed just above the cage will help prevent theft.

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Tire Cages - Trimmertrap>


Set the cage for "under the tire" use as a wheel chock or for even more security use it "over the tire".

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