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Cov-Trimmer, Engine, Mower & Blower Covers
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Trimmer Cover

Trimmer Cover

MSRP - $ 39.95

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These trimmer covers will also help protect your stick edgers, pole saws, and hedge trimmers. The elements can be as hard on your equipment as your employees. Sun, rain, and dirt all work together to shorten the life of your investment. These high quality, heavy duty covers securely attach with Velcro and quick release buckles. Color: black

Mower Cover


Mower Cover

MSRP - $ 99.95

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The engines used on today's commercial lawn mowers are extremely long lived if properly cared for. These covers help eliminate problems caused by the elements that shorten your equipment's life. Wind driven rain and dust will find its way into fuel, hydraulic, and electrical systems while transporting your mowers. Stop these invaders before they cause you problems! Adjustable strap and elastic at the bottom securely hold the cover in place. Color: black. Specify engine cover or mower cover.

Backpack Blower/Sprayer Covers

Backpack Blower / Sprayer Covers

MSRP - $ 65.95

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The "slip" cover slides over the top of almost any backpack blower to protect it from the elements. Sized to fit over the blower and BR-1 Blower Rack Color: black

Debris Bag

Debris Bag

MSRP - $ 24.95

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The perfect bag! Not to big, not to small. This general purpose bag can be used on walk behinds and riders alike. Its 16 inches wide by 14 inches long and has pleated bottom to increase capacity without making it so long it interferes with the operator. Top quality materials and craftsmanship assure many seasons of hard use. Attaches with velcro fasteners. Color: black

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